NEW ALBUM “Half Tide” now available!

‘Half Tide’ is a collection of revisited sea songs combined with original lyrical tracks inspired by life, family and country.

Produced by Rob Mackay at Pacific International Music, this album highlights Luan’s natural storytelling through music while featuring his seemingly effortless guitar skills. Tracks from “Half Tide” is available through iTunes and Spotify or the album can be purchased by contacting

Luan Baldwin Debut Album- “Tales from Port Curtis

Luan Baldwin

“Tales from Port Curtis”- Luan Baldwin

“Tales from Port Curtis” is an album of 12 original tracks written and performed by Luan Baldwin, inspired by modern day life at sea (kind of like 21st Century ‘sea shanties’). The tracks are solo performances by Luan. They are not digitally enhanced so the songs retain their raw, earthy qualities. Audiences are able to take home a CD that is a true reproduction of his music and not a computer created fake. A review of “Tales from Port Curtis” is available on at The album is available through the Folk Rag. It can also be purchased from Luan on request or at my upcoming live performances. Songs from the album were featured in the 2009 “Q Song” songwriting competition sponsored by ABC Radio and the Queensland Government and also on US College Radio compilation “ACOUSTIKA Volume 18” (272 Records).

Lu is a master of observation and has the creative ability to express his experiences in song. If I feel my spirits need a lift this is the CD I put on. Just buy it and you will be as rapt as I am.” MaryB- FolkRag 2009